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Twelve Acre Wood



Small batch / Cold extracted / Unfiltered / Unadulterated / Hand poured / Hand labelled

Highland. Blackberry and our unique 'DELUXE' blend.

All sourced from private, secluded locations in Tasmania's North West.

  The air here is fresh & pure, the bees enjoy freedom for foraging & the result is a wonderful tasting super food with a velvet-like texture.

Every part of our honey production is overseen by us, each jar of honey is hand poured by us, each label is applied by us.

All of the honey comes from our own hives, not out sourced from other beekeepers.

We began this journey in 2009 and all these years later are still enjoying the honey production process as much as ever.

We are very small. But we love what we do & we love our product.

It brings us immense joy to share it with so many.

If you'd like to experience Twelve Acre Wood raw honey, click HERE to purchase online.

Alternatively, you can purchase our Highland or Blackberry honey at the current stockists as of January 2023:

Hill Street Grocer Devonport (also stocking  Deluxe)

Hill Street Grocer Latrobe

Hill Street Grocer Longford

Hill Street Grocer Sandy Bay

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